IoT has matured to create limitless opportunities in alignment with other major disruptive technology forces, such as analytics, AI, cloud, and more. Businesses seek IoT consulting services to make the technology work for them and gain competitive advantages in the experience-driven economy.

As the internet revolutionized the world, IoT has created an opportunity for businesses to know customers better. They can track down product performance, predict customer behaviors, practice innovation at scale, maximize the benefits of network agility, and do much more by gathering and collating data from different devices and extracting valuable insights.

One of the world’s leading IoT app development companies, Kellton enables businesses to build future-ready, bespoke IoT solutions that secure data-driven growth and help improve experiences across endpoints. We provide end-to-end enterprise IoT solutions in partnership with leading IoT platform providers, including Cumulocity, IBM, SAP, AWS, Mulesoft, and more. Talk to our IoT experts to learn how we help companies see through processes, extract valuable insights, improve decision making, enhance customer services, and improve overall business performances by architecting bespoke IoT solutions.

Leading the Transformation

  • Case Studies

There are approximately 660,755 restaurants and 66,602 bars, taverns, and nightclubs in the US. And a large chunk of them, which still manages back-of-house tasks conventionally, was mulling to embrace the digital way to achieve operational excellence. So, when Accucode asked to embed technology-led innovation and digital capabilities that aligned with the restaurant functions, we knew this particular solution was going to have a lot of unique tastes.

Meeting the highest global standards for food safety is critically important in ensuring that your brand attains international recognition for excellent food quality, safety, and responsibility. So, when our client wanted to meet the HACCP standards for food safety compliance and monitoring in order to open new business opportunities around the world, we set them up for success starting from farm to fork.

When the future and existence of a business are hooked with pegs of tradition, the company ought to undergo a never-ending process of attaining operational excellence to continue delivering value. So when our client wanted to uplift their 
digital channelization — aiming to sustain years of trust and relationship — we helped them perform gap analysis and risk assessment and declare conformity with the continuously changing smart access and security business landscape.

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