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Customer experience (CX) is an always-on phenomenon. There is no stopping to how well it can be optimized to make a business indispensable to its customers. Today’s leaders must continuously embrace the disruption and use their investments to orchestrate CX that can be tomorrow’s standard.

Kellton Experience Engineering services focus on helping enterprises create deeper, more meaningful digital experiences and unlock new frontiers of growth. By leveraging our dedicated Center of Excellence (CoE)—equipped with a team of design thinking specialists, deep analytical and digital capabilities, iterative innovation practices, human-centered approaches, agile methodologies, and more—we craft personalized, proactive experiences for modern customers and help you lead with a sustainable market edge. Our experts are committed to data intelligence and putting their hearts into developing products that help you keep pace with the ever-evolving customer behaviors.

Leading the Transformation

  • Case Studies

When you are a multi-million dollar company with over 240,000 customers, customer retention is a top priority. So, when our client was seeking to transform its customer-facing services and increase customer engagement, we employed state-of-the-art innovation combined with strong business competencies to develop and implement a robust omnichannel strategy

It isn’t uncommon for restaurants to partner with third-party food delivery aggregators to take their products to a wider 
audience. This ease, however, translates into low brand resonance and poor profit margins. So, when our client wanted 
to minimize dependency on these aggregators to inspire a better, more personalized ordering experience whilst bringing 
in better traction, we helped shape a digitization vision and strategy to enable the real impact.

Automating commercial loan operations is critical to creating an agile customer experience. So when our client wanted to digitalize their manual, process-intensive physician lending processes and accelerate the lending process for doctors, we rose to the challenge to deliver a simple, fast, customer-friendly process.

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