Hybrid integration in today's rapidly evolving era of digital disruption, is gaining momentum with each passing day. Large enterprises and mid-sized firms must modernize their integration strategy to achieve better connectivity across their hybrid architecture. webMethods release 10.11, an improved version of a multi-function webMethods iPaaS, enables businesses to scale quickly by accelerating the automation of legacy infrastructure using integration, APIs, and microservices. Discover more about how upgrading to the latest webMethods 10.11 version unlocks enhanced scalability and future-ready IT modernization experience in the shortest time possible.

This brochure covers

  • How webMethods 10.11 helps to unlock digital innovation faster
  • Latest Software AG's webMethods 10.11 ground-breaking improvements
  • Kellton is webMethods integration approach

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The future of the connected enterprise is webMethods 10.11

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