Fluctuating prices, aging infrastructures, and a continuously changing market demand that Oil and Gas companies operate with speed, efficiency, and precision. Digital solutions are a must to transform and increase the visibility of service operations, enhance production, improve performance, and reduce costs. Kellton’s Optima, our IoT-enabled AI platform collects and reports data from multiple well sites in real-time, enabling remote monitoring and operations management. Optima empowers workflow and process automation and helps organizations make real-time decisions by leveraging IoT and cutting-edge domain driven analytics solutions.

With 15+ years of SAP experience, our domain experts provide digital and mobile capabilities to transform service operations at the well, depot, and in the field. Some of the key components of the platform are:

  • Data management
  • Workflow management
  • Business process management
  • API management and orchestration
  • Automation platform
  • KPI and contract management

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Optima - A Digital Oilfield Platform for Field Operations

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