With fast-paced development across industries and cutting-edge technology, there has long been a need for real-time data that gives insight based on crucial parameters in the production process. Kellton has leveraged its unique technology and resources to develop asset management and monitoring device powered by a modular IoT Gateway. Our solution is backed up with strong Ethernet, Satellite, as well as Cellular support, which drives seamless communication across devices. The asset management and monitoring unit, Envision, is set to empower players in the Oil and Gas sector with:

  • Real-time remote asset monitoring for complete well-production management
  • Onsite automation through IoT-connected devices
  • Elimination of human error from physical inspections
  • Protection of equipment and reduction of maintenance costs
  • Instant messaging alerts for timely detection of faults
  • Efficient asset-handling with based on real-time data
  • Optimum inventory management and zero deferred production
  • Seamless performance over any third-party platform

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Envision- A modular IoT gateway

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