Awadhesh Kumar Srivastava

Senior Data Scientist

Awadhesh is working as a Senior Data Scientist at Kellton. With an overall core tech experience of 14 plus years ranging from consulting, research, academics, ML Ops, different models (DNN, GAN, LLM, RL ), data analytics on text, audio-video data, he is an instrumental part of Kellton’s data science team. He has previously held the position of Senior Data Scientist at AdGlobal360. 

Awadhesh is pursuing a Ph.D. in computer vision and machine learning and holds an MTech degree from IIT Delhi. He also has 10+ research papers in various international conferences and journals to his name. His mantra in life is: "Continuous learning is an indispensable component of personal growth, but if we also prioritize our meta-learning, our future learning endeavors will be imbued with greater efficiency and efficacy." In his free time, he likes listening to music, singing, and being a data scientist, he likes to explore different things.