Guide to an API-first Strategy

Today’s Digital Businesses are on a constant journey of digital transformation, innovation, and modernization. They are increasingly looking to digitize their systems and bring agility across their customer, supplier, and partner engagement channels, operations, systems of record and insight, and models for asset monetization or value creation. While transforming all interactions between IT applications and digital systems to API-based integration, it is important to formulate and adopt an API Strategy at the enterprise level. This ensures that the entire IT organization and its resources are aligned with the overarching strategic goals and tactical initiatives of the business.

Ram Kanumuri, VP of Digital Integration, will give a brief overview of the problems that Digital Businesses are solving today by adopting an API Strategy and share valuable insights from some of our ongoing customer engagements. He will also provide an overview of the typical elements of an API Strategy and explain how they differ from organization to organization based on their current and future API maturity levels.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how an API-first approach can help solve your integration problems
  • Identify the critical elements to consider when assessing your API Maturity level
  • Learn the key steps to progress to the next level of API maturity and the possible business impact
  • Understand how to develop and execute an API-first Strategy