We empower visionary solutions by unleashing the potential of Computer Vision.

Our team of seasoned experts is committed to helping you navigate the vast possibilities of computer vision technology to tailor solutions that align perfectly with your organization's goals. Whether you seek to optimize manufacturing processes, revolutionize retail experiences, streamline healthcare diagnostics, or enhance security and surveillance, our comprehensive suite of computer vision services will guide you through the journey. 

By extracting valuable insights from images and videos, businesses gain data-driven decision-making capabilities. From advanced analytics to improved security and surveillance, Kellton's expertise spans across industries like healthcare, agriculture, and environmental monitoring. With a focus on innovation, Kellton drives progress in autonomous vehicles, AR/VR applications, and personalized retail experiences. Let Kellton be your partner in unlocking the full potential of computer vision, transforming your organization for a competitive edge in today's dynamic market.


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Deep Learning and Neural Networks

Utilizing the power of deep learning and neural networks, Kellton builds sophisticated models for image classification, image generation, and other complex computer vision tasks. This also cascades into our expertise of making the best out of LLMs, click here to learn more.

Image and Video Analysis

Leveraging advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques, Kellton offers image and video analysis services for tasks such as object detection, recognition, segmentation, and tracking.

Document Analysis

Kellton offers document processing solutions, including OCR (Optical Character Recognition), text extraction, and document categorization for improved document management and analysis.

Surveillance and Security Solutions

We help you  detect and respond to potential threats in real-time, with our security services which include intrusion detection, facial recognition, and anomaly analysis, ensuring a reliable and proactive security infrastructure for businesses.

Data Annotation and Labeling

Kellton offers data annotation and labeling services, essential for training and validating machine learning models used in computer vision applications.Our data annotation services cover a wide range of computer vision tasks, including object detection, image classification, instance segmentation, semantic segmentation, pose estimation, and more. 

Angular Plugin Development

Our Angular plugin development services help you extend the functionality of your website or application. Whether you need a simple solutiuon plugin or a complex custom software, we can guarantee quality delivery.

Why Choose Kellton for Computer Vision?

With extensive experience in traditional app development for AI & ML and Core and Process Engineering, we ensure seamless integration of advanced Computer Vision capabilities into existing workflows. Our expertise in Unified Intelligence using LLMs and Knowledge Databases enables us to develop sophisticated AI models that continuously learn and adapt, providing valuable insights for data-driven decision-making. 

Our solutions prioritize data privacy and compliance, guaranteeing the security of sensitive information throughout the process. Seamless integration with existing systems and real-time insights enable businesses to make informed decisions promptly. Scalability and adaptability further position Kellton as a reliable partner for businesses seeking transformative Computer Vision solutions.

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