Kellton is a Gold Sponsor of Software AG Global Sales Kickoff 2020

Date: Jan 22-25, 2020
Place: New Orleans, USA

We are delighted to announce that Kellton is a gold sponsor of Software AG’s global sales kickoff. This annual event will bring global Software AG partners and their sales teams together to discuss strategies for the year ahead, build trust and rapport, and nurture a like-minded community without barriers. 

At the four-day Global Sales Kickoff (SKO) conference, sales ninjas will learn about Software AG’s go-to-market models as well as tools and tactics to dominate key growth markets in 2020. The sales professionals will take attend a number of leadership keynotes and interactive sales training sessions to prepare them for success in a new year with new digital challenges. 

Kellton will showcase its experience and network with sales professionals from across the world in a bid to strengthen its global business clout. We will learn new strategies and learn the latest Software AG advancements to help our clients lead in today’s competitive business environment. 

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